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"My horses have tried this block and loved it. Will be getting more." 

"My horses totally recommend these blocks."

Thank you to Wild Hearts Saddlery and Pet Supplies for the great feedback! 

Review from Wild Hearts Saddlery and Pet Supplies via their Facebook Page, May 2020

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Did you know, the base ingredient for the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block is a product called Dried Distillers Grain (DDG)?!


DDG is the by-product from the distilling process in the alcohol or ethanol production. The wheat and barley grains are heat treated and fermented, using microbes similar to those found in the hindgut of the horse for over 30 hours. It is then re-heat treated to produce a grain-based product, which is highly palatable, yet low in both sugars and starch. It is high in microbial protein and contains a good level of fat.

Consequently, the EqNC Premium Horse Lick block provides good energy, high quality protein, low sugars and starch, and more minerals and vitamins than nearly all other blocks on the market.

Did you know that trace minerals are only required in very small amounts?!


They are often involved as catalysts in normal physiological functions including reproduction, bone and cartilage development, growth, metabolism, immunocompetence (or the immune system), appetite, prevention of cellular and fat oxidation and many other things!
And these trace minerals interact with each other – too much of any of them may cause major absorbance issues with others, but being essential, they can make a huge difference in the performance, appearance and overall health of your horse!
Consequently, please ensure your supplements and lick blocks are balanced for AUSTRALIAN conditions!

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Did you know that an oversupply of Cobalt is listed as a controlled medication under the FEI prohibited substance database?!

Make sure to check your Horse’s Lick Block and supplement mineral concentration!

Remember: “More is not always better!” Supplement your horse the balanced way, using the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block!

Why supplement Copper?!


Copper has a variety of roles; it is an enzyme activator or involved in enzyme reactions for

• reproduction,

• bone development,

• growth,
• connective tissue development (limb movement),

• coat and hoof conditioning,

• protection from metabolic oxidisation,

• heart and central nervous system development and

• immunocompetence (the ability of the immune system to deal with threats and diseases).

Copper is also very much involved in the haemoglobin synthesis or red cell formation, where it is needed to mobilise the iron stores from the liver to form new red blood cells.
A lot of people believe, that by increasing iron supplementations, the red blood cell formation is also increased, however nearly all horses have already more than sufficient iron in their body and additional iron supplementation can lead to serious problems! Therefore, horses displaying a low red blood cell count, may possibly suffer from some disease, heavy parasite burden, haemorrhaging or they may actually be deficient in copper.
If there isn’t enough Copper in the diet, the iron, that is stored in the liver cannot be released to form new red blood cells.
Now, looking at Australian soils, these are generally deficient in copper, which consequently leads to plants being deficient in copper. Therefore, please check your supplements to ensure a balanced and adequate Copper supplementation!

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Did you say Amino Acids?

The EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block contains the amino acid Lysine. Lysine is particularly important to ensure the efficient build-up of muscle protein! Lysine is also the reason for the distinct smell of the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block. If your horse is not used to it, please be patient, usually your horse will adjust and thoroughly enjoy the Premium Horse Lick Block after a few days!

Let’s talk about Iron!

When considering supplementing trace elements (focusing on Iron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese) the correct balance of these are of utmost importance to avoid negative interactions with each other.

With most Australian Soils already high in Iron, Iron is NOT actually added as a separate trace mineral. The reported inclusion rate of 137mg/kg is obtained through the natural iron content from the Dried Distillers Grain (DDG), Canola Meal, Limestone and Phosphorus source of the Lick Block!

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Zinc: let’s check it out!

Zinc is another very important trace mineral, often working in conjunction with copper. Being a metalloenzyme (enzyme that contain a mineral element), Zinc is necessary for the vitamin A metabolism, gene expression, fat and oil metabolism, fertility, appetite, coat and hoof conditions in conjunction with copper, and again the ability of the immune system to cope with diseases and infections!
Zinc also appears to be a mineral whose absorption rate increases or decreases depending on how much the body needs. Therefore, if you already have a high level of zinc in the diet, adding more is not going to improve absorption.

Consequently, as with all minerals: The CORRECT balance of all minerals ensures the efficient uptake by your horse or pony!

Make sure to double check your supplement's mineral balances and check out the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block today!

Why did we include Chromium in the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block formulation?

Chromium greatly enhances the effectiveness of insulin to clear glucose from the blood. This process is highly important for horses with some insulin resistance! Chromium has also been shown to enhance lean body mass and assists in tissue and muscle development which is important for the powerful performance horse!

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Is the lick block suitable to be fed in ‘Big Head’ prone areas?

Big Head is caused due to an imbalance of the Calcium (Ca) to Phosphorus (P) ratio within the available feed.

Looking at the ideal Ca to P ratio of 2 to 1 for horses, the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block is formulated with 8.3% of Calcium to 4.2% of Phosphorus, which is very close to this ideal ratio. (EqNC Premium Lick ratio: 1.98 Cal to 1 P).

Consequently, the block provides a great starting point to correct existing imbalances for your horse or pony.

Did you know that Selenium is deficient in most Australian soils?

Selenium acts with vitamin E as a very strong antioxidant (working to protect the cells against free radical damage), particularly relevant when we are talking about fat metabolism.

Like iodine, it also plays an important role in the immune system and metabolism. It is important for correct sperm development! Consequently, a selenium deficiency in your stallion may result in poorly developed semen and low fertility.

With most of Australian soils and pastures deficient in selenium, it is important that it is included in the diet daily, particularly if you live in an area that receives very high rainfall. However, Selenium is a trace mineral, needed only in very small amounts and is highly toxic if overdosed!

Please check your supplements mineral balances and keep in mind – more is not always better!

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Did you know, the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block is suitable for all breeds, sizes and colours of horses?!


Australian formulated for Australian conditions and manufactured here in Australia, you can rest assured, your horse stays healthy and happy!

Did you know that the balanced availability of trace minerals is essential for the equine immune system to function at its best?!


Focusing on the main trace elements, please check your supplements inclusions for:


• Copper
• Zinc
• Manganese
• Selenium
• Iodine
• Chromium and

• Iron

And please remember, more is not always better!
When considering trace elements, is all about the correct balance, taking Australian conditions into consideration!

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Did you say Iodine?!


Iodine is another trace mineral, very much involved with the immune system. It is also an important component of the thyroid hormones, which are involved in the immune system as well as the metabolism.
Iodine is also involved in the development of the foetus, digestion, muscle function and reproductive seasonality!
Iodine concentrations are naturally very low to non-existent in feeds. Please make sure to check your supplement for adequate levels of Iodine inclusions!

EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block - So much more than a salt block!!!!


The natural way to feed a horse is grazing grass and pasture in the paddock. Unfortunately, grass and pastures are often low in essential protein and minerals, meaning your horse may not be as healthy as you think!

With most Australian regions deficient in key minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine, the paddocked horse is often depleted in these essential nutrients!

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Let’s have a look into a horse’s mouth!

Did you know horses have a full set of teeth and both an upper and lower jaw, making them a little bit unique in comparison to many other species?!


Talking about teeth, horses have incisors at the front, designed for biting and cutting grass and leaves, and they have a large set of molars at the back of their mouth, designed specifically for grinding.


Horses chew in a three-way motion: up and down, side to side and backwards and forward in what is called an occlusal pattern!

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What are vitamins??

Vitamins are, organic compounds required in small amounts that are mostly involved in what we call, biochemical pathways. Biochemical pathways are a series of chemical reactions which can occur both inside and outside the cells, resulting in a desired biological outcome.


In other words, vitamins are needed by the body to function correctly. They are involved in wound healing, metabolism processes, maintaining optimal eyesight, helping the immune system performing at its best and of course endless other tasks!


Consequently, providing the right vitamins in a balanced way, to match Australian conditions is super important!

Did you know that vitamins are categorised into two groups depending on whether they dissolve in fat or water?!

Fat soluble vitamins are:
• Vitamin A,
• Vitamin D,
• Vitamin E and
• Vitamin K

Water soluble are:
• Vitamin B Group as well as
• Vitamin C

Some of these vitamins need to be supplemented whereas others are easily produced by your horse e.g. Vitamin D: It is synthesised from sunlight!

So, instead of oversupplying, why not give your horse a “Vitamin D day” from time to time, taking the rugs off!

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Video Links on Facebook

Customer Feedback - Draft ONLY

I screen shot the video - see in the link - not sure if you have a better way to get a higher quality image ... Thank you! 

Gypsie Lodge - Feedback.jpg

Thank you so much to Leasa Stephen, from Gypsie Lodge Equestrian Centre for her feedback:

“One of my clients bought one of these (EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block) today for their new horse who is a bit light on and maybe lacking in mineral balance. I can say that he too had exactly the same reaction as my ‘test subjects’ in the video.
#eqnc appreciate the top product!"

Thank you Leasa!!!!

Make sure to check out the original feedback video from Leasa, which was posted via the EqNC Facebook page!

March 2020

Thank you to David Finch from Finch Farm for the positive feedback about the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block: “Love the blocks”!

What else can we say?! Try them yourself and rest assured your horses have access to one of the healthiest lick blocks currently on the market!

February 2020

Finch Farm - Branded.jpg

"I have purchased 3 x 16kg lick blocks about a month ago. Horses still haven’t finished one yet. But they definitely enjoy them. I purchased them through QPD produce Toowoomba and they were very helpful and informative about the product. So far very happy with this product and happy to know that my horses are receiving all their necessary supplements during this drought."

Thank you to Liddy Ward, who reviewed the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Blocks in November 2019

I don't have a photo. 
Feedback Gary Brennan January 2020.jpg

"super coat the eye of the horse so bright"

Thank you for the feedback from Gary Brennan - January 2020

Kids Corner - Draft only

Are you OK?!


With most schools shut and many fun activities cancelled we are all finding new routines during this crazy corona crisis.

Staying home and adhering to the governmental guidelines can make it hard to keep little people entertained!

So, for all the horse crazy little ones out there – download the dot to dot sheet; mums and dads, have a cuppa and enjoy a few minutes, watching your munchkins getting creative!
And of course, we would love to see the end results!

To be added: version to be downloadable, please.

Muuuum … can you please draw a horse?!!!!!! If you love your horses, there is a good chance, that your kids love them too … which is awesome!
Although when it comes to drawing them … different story … So why not make it ‘easy’ and download the picture above, print it and get the kids busy, colouring in!

Depending on the age of your little ones, get them to cut them out and get creative with each one, let these ponies tell a story?! We would love to see what you come up with!

And please share the photo to make sure your friends and their kids will have some great pony activities too!


EqNC - Paper Pony Fun for Kids
Please give EqNC your thumbs up and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more fun activities to come!

To keep your four legged friends healthy and supplemented, make sure to try the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block

shutterstock_457953073 .jpg

Can you find all the words?! 

Make sure to color in all the animals and share your finished picture via the EqNC Equine Supplement Facebook Page! 

Please add to Promo Team - Hope that text will work like that. 
Meet_Cyd & Melissa 5 - Instagram Mini Bl
A very warm welcome to Melissa Campbell and her beautiful Percheron Cyd, joining the EqNC Promotional Team 2020.

Mel is passionate about sharing her world with her amazing 5 year old pure Percheron mare named Cyd (Verdmont Estate Cyd Charisse to be fancy) and showcasing this amazing breed to the world.


"After 30 years of dressage I purchased a horse totally unsuited to dressage but totally suited to fun and learning.  So now we are bitless, treeless and barefoot partners who tackle mounted archery, obstacle courses, trail riding and pretty much anything that adds enjoyment to our time together. Her health and contentment is my priority above every thing else we do and I am excited for a long friendship with her." 

We are delighted to have these two on board and make sure to 'quizz' them about why they LOVE the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block! 

(To follow what these two are up to, make sure to follow them on Instagram meet_cyd!)

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