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We are thrilled to hear, read and see all the great feedback on the EqNC Premium Licks and Bites! ​

Thank you! 

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Have a great day from all of us here at EqNC!

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We would love to hear from you! 

Have you tried the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block? Please share your and your horses thoughts for your chance to win EqNC Merchandise! 

Upload a photo and your send us your thoughts via the EqNC FacebookInstagram page or Google review! 

Thank you! 
Patrick and Raven.jpg

“I look at hooves every day & the horses I see, who have EqNC blocks in their paddocks have good quality feet. Finally, a lick block that’s not full of sugar and starches and that our horses actually like!”

Thank you so much to Sam from Freedom Equine (Qualified Hoof Trimming and Emmet Therapy) for sending in this fantastic feedback.

June 2021


“No time to wash - No problem." 

Thank you to Rochelle, for sending in the image of her mare Faith glowing with health. 

May 2021

20 year old TB.jpg

“Good morning, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how thrilled I am with how wonderful my old thoroughbred looks on the EqNC Premium Horse Bites.

He has been on them for about 6 months and is absolutely glowing with health - at nearly 20 years old his health is a priority and I know with Horse Bites he is getting everything he needs.”

Thank you so much to Mel for sending in this great feedback and image of her beautiful thoroughbred!

November 2020


“Hello there! I just wanted to share our daughter Lily feeding Rex his first EQNC lick block. We have tried other brands and he hasn’t touched them! But he certainly loved this one.”

Thank you to Christie and Lily for the fantastic feedback!

November 2020


"First time trying a mineral lick and they LOVED it! 

With the harsh climate at the moment and barely little grass, these mineral licks are exactly what my horses need to keep them healthy. 

Thank you to EqNC for the mineral lick. I was expecting my bay mare to be a bit cautious of it as she can be quite a fussy eather, but she loves them! "

Review from R. Polzin, Polzin Equestrian (Wanora, QLD)  via EqNC Instagram / Facebook August 2020 @polzin.equestrian


"Miss Lola was spoilt today with a Premium Horse Lick Mini from EqNC.

Lola can be quite a fussy horse when it comes to treats, so it was lovely to see how much she was enjoying this! So thank you EqNC for making a lick block that's not only scrumptious, but also full of all the good stuff for my special girl to enjoy 💕🦄"

Review from A. Strivens (Far North QLD) via EqNC Instagram July 2020

Cyd and Bites.jpg

"Super Yum! Cyd really can't get enough of her EqNC Premium Horse Bites”

Thank you Melissa and Meet_Cyd for the great feedback on the EqNC Bites - and look at Cyd's glow! 

Review via EqNC Instagram July 2020 @meet_cyd

Trinket - Glow Bites.jpg

Glyndower Brea Trinket glowing from the inside out! 

Being an easy keeper, Trinket does not need a complete feed with the extra calories and energy! Using the EqNC Premium Horse Bites, I know her ration is 100% balanced and she (Trinket) gets all her minerals, vitamins and amino acids to keep her happy and healthy from the inside out! 

Review from P. Quast via email

“Okay Gretta is LOVING this mineral block! So happy! Easy way to make sure she gets all her vitamins and minerals. And I’m all for easy”


Thank you so much Emily and Gretta for your feedback! (Make sure to check them out on Instagram @EmilyandGretta)

Review via Instagram Stories from @EmilyandGretta June 2020

“Andy is quite fussy when it comes to treats and things he has to eat, but he absolutely loves the EqNC Horse lick!

I have noticed a change with his coat, and it is really shiny and healthy which has started to come through since using the EqNC horse lick. He absolutely loves them, I have to bring it with me, when he goes out of the paddock because he doesn’t like to leave it!”


Thank you so much to Jayde (@jaydemequestrian on Instagram) for this amazing feedback on the EqNC Premium Horse Lick!

Review via EqNC Instagram May 2020

image digital-horse_edits - EqNC

Ttycoon_equine : “I won one of these in a raffle at a local horse event, and I love it! My boys are so addicted to it and they push each other out of the way to get it.😂 Thank you for creating such a good quality product, thank you from me and my boys!”

Digital_horze_edits: “Surprise edit for @eqnc_equine_supplements ! Love their products and my ponies love them!”

Thank you Ttycoon_equine and Digital_horze_edits for the brilliant feedback as well as this great surprise edit!

Review via EqNC Instagram May 2020

GCH_Feedback_Customer_Eddie 2.jpg

“Here's another example of how much Gold Coast horses are loving EqNC's Horse Lick. The photos with this post are of the super cute Eddie, who won't go anywhere near a normal salt lick. He flat out does not like them but according to our awesome client Kerri McKinnon, Eddie loves the EqNC Horse Block.”


Thank you to Gold Coast Hay and Stockfeed and Kerri McKinnon for sharing!

Review from Kerri McKinnon via the Gold Coast Hay and Stockfeed Facebook April 2020

Collage Amy Packer photos only unbranded

"Pep and Charlie both love the lick blocks

Charlie especially used to leave his feed if it had mineral supplements in it or would manage to eat around them in the bucket. And Pep used to spit feed out if she tasted the mineral supplements so I never really knew if they ate the minerals or not.


I don’t need to guess now!

The lick blocks are super easy to use and my horses love them,they both try picking up the block to stop the other one sharing it, they are both shiny and happy!

Takes the guess work out of what minerals to feed and there’s no messing around measuring things.

Thank you EQNC Equine Supplements"

Review from Amy Packer via the EqNC Equine Supplements Facebook - Thank you Amy!  March 2020


"LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! My brumby is usually fussy about salt and mineral licks, but he could hardly wait until it was out of the packet! My other horses love it as well, and I’m absolutely loving the amount of vitamins and minerals in this lick and the fact that I know my ponies are getting their daily needs from it"

Review from Georgia Kneen via the EqNC Equine Supplements Facebook - Thank you Georgia!  April 2020

Fillapa Galloway - photo feedback April

Thank you to Fillapa Gilloway for taking the time to post your and your horses feedback. Happy Horses mean a lot to us! 

Review via the EqNC Equine Supplement Facebook page, April 2020

Feeback Dayboro Unbranded.jpg

"FANTASTIC product ! We won a salt lick block today at our Ponyclub. my horse is super fussy and turns her nose up at most things salt lick related. but as soon as we put your block in the paddock she was straight onto it, and she loved it ! so did her paddock mate! I'm super excited to find something she will use! Thanks so much we will be buying more when this one runs out !!! Thanks guys !"

Review from Erin Crook via the EqNC Equine Supplements Facebook - Thank you Erin!  March 2020

Kayla Russell - Feedback North QLD.jpg

"First timer user up here in north QLD, I have been wanting to try this product for ages it wasn’t until talking to my local feed shop the bolt n fodder shop they got some lick blocks in, my horses absolutely loved them... and the best thing they were so easy to get out of the bags!

One of my many horses is a old cranky old QH who is a typical boss bush horse and hates his vitamins and minerals will not even eat his feed if you put anything but feed in!
We nearly lost him in the drought with no grass and being picky about his feed he was in a very bad way, he has slowly pick back up now with the lovely grass around..but now he is absolutely glowing in his coat just after one block of this product."

"Rudie the master of social distancing" (pictured)

Thank you to Kayla Russell for her review and feedback on the product including a photo of her QH Rudie. 

March 2020

Gypsie Lodge - Feedback edited.jpg

Thank you so much to Leasa Stephen, from Gypsie Lodge Equestrian Centre for her feedback:

“One of my clients bought one of these (EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block) today for their new horse who is a bit light on and maybe lacking in mineral balance. I can say that he too had exactly the same reaction as my ‘test subjects’ in the video.
#eqnc appreciate the top product!"

Thank you Leasa!!!!

Make sure to check out the original feedback video from Leasa, which was posted via the EqNC Facebook page!

March 2020

Finch Farm - Block unbranded.jpg

Thank you to David Finch from Finch Farm for the positive feedback about the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block:


“Love the blocks”!

What else can we say?! Try them yourself and rest assured your horses have access to one of the healthiest lick blocks currently on the market!

February 2020

Feedback Gary Brennan January 2020.jpg

"super coat the eye of the horse so bright"

Thank you for the feedback from Gary Brennan - January 2020

"I have purchased 3 x 16kg lick blocks about a month ago. Horses still haven’t finished one yet. But they definitely enjoy them. I purchased them through QPD produce Toowoomba and they were very helpful and informative about the product. So far very happy with this product and happy to know that my horses are receiving all their necessary supplements during this drought."

Thank you to Liddy Ward, who reviewed the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Blocks in November 2019



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