EqNC Premium Nutritional Supplements

The EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block has 
3 to 10 times more minerals 
than the ‘average’ block 
because we at EqNC put the health of your horse first!


EqNC Premium Horse Bites
... all the great benefits of the Premium Horse Lick Block, 
pelletised and easily portioned!

EqNC Premium
Horse Lick and Bites


EqNC Premium are highly mineralised supplements built specifically for horses. Providing the highest levels of vitamins and minerals to meet the paddocked horse’s daily needs, and containing less than 7% sugars and starch, EqNC Premium is putting the health of your horse first.

The natural way to feed a horse is grazing grass and pasture in the paddock. Unfortunately, grass and pastures are often low in essential protein and minerals, meaning your horse isn’t as healthy as you may think it is. 

With most regions deficient in key minerals like Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine, the paddocked horse is often depleted in these essential nutrients; and this is when there is good feed in the paddock!

With Australia classified as the driest, inhabited continent in the world, dry weather and droughts are a common occurrence. When grass and pasture is dry and sparse, not only are these essential minerals greatly lacking, the quality and quantity of vitamins is greatly depleted too. While hay can fill the void energy-wise, it is often lacking in quality protein, minerals and vitamins.

BULK ORDERS available direct from EqNC




Choosing our EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block, you receive one of the healthiest equine lick blocks currently on the market. 

Due to our scientifically researched formulation of the EqNC Premium Lick Block, the mineral concentration exceeds its competitors! 

Understanding that not every owner can feed the EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block ad lib, we do not want you to miss out on this premium formulation and have therefore added the Premium Horse Bites to our range. 

Looking at the facts, an average adult horse (not in work), needs at least 100mg of Copper, 300mg of Zinc, 1mg of Selenium and 2mg of Iodine per day to perform it’s normal, resting physiological functions. 

We designed our EqNC Premium Horse Lick Block and Bites to provide a minimum of 50% of these daily mineral requirements, with the remainder being obtained from the roughage provided (eg. hay, grass).



The EqNC Premium Horse lick block is also the only highly mineralised lick block with a high vital vitamin content.


The same great formulation is now also available as EqNC Premium Horse Bites, easily portioned to accurately monitor the horse's feed intake. 

In just 1kg of the supplements, there are 100,000 IUof Vitamin A essential for eyesight and a great anti-oxidant), 400 IU of Vitamin E (outstanding anti-oxidant), 16mg of Vitamin B1, 40mg of Vitamin B2, 82mg of Vitamin B3, 10mg of Biotin (to improve your horses hooves and coat) and 30mg of Folate (to ensure healthy blood formation).

Safe for Laminitic and EMS Prone Horses


The EqNC Premium Lick Block and Bites have a maximum of 5% molasses, an NSC (Non-Structural Carbo-hydrates) of less than 7%; making them safe for laminitic and EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) prone horses, 5.7 MJ of energy, which is similar to an average grass hay and 12.9% of protein which is high in Essential Amino Acids.

Recommended Feed Intake

(grams per head per day)

  • Foals  -  50 to 100g

  • Weanlings  -  75 to 150g

  • Yearlings -   100 to 175g

  • Adult horses  -  100 to 200g

Directions for Use

Place blocks near watering points. 

Place enough blocks so horses have ready access to blocks.

May be fed in stable, yard or paddock.



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